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Utilize the email platform that customer-centric brands rely on for consistent and widespread inbox delivery.

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Product Features


Drive conversions through effective email communication using the Email API and Marketing Campaigns

Email API

Easily integrate within minutes using our email API and have confidence in the successful delivery of your emails to the inbox

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Receive Emails

Provide your customers with an email address where they can send emails, and set up a webhook to seamlessly receive and process those emails

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High-quality Dashboard

View all outgoing and incoming emails through our comprehensive and feature-packed dashboard

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Email Intelligence

Access comprehensive insights to effectively engage with your valuable customers

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About Us

Powerful Toolkit for Effective Customer Communication Management

Our primary goal is to emphasize the art of efficient customer communication. We craft tools centered around Email Communication, allowing you to dedicate your attention to your business. Count on us to resolve the intricate challenges of scaling email deliverability.

We ensure that every email you intend to send is dispatched swiftly, dependably, and with utmost security. With 30 years of experience in email transmission, we possess the expertise to get it right.

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Our Pricing Plans

Start free, and upgrade your experience through a subscription at a later time.


₹ 0.00/mo

  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited Contacts
  • 300 emails / day
    (Daily Limit)
  • API & SMTP Relay
  • Webhooks
  • Template Editor
  • Insightful Analytics


₹ 1600/mo

  • Everything in Free
  • No Daily Sending Limit
  • 50,000 emails / month
    (Overages apply)
  • Delivery Optimization
  • Multiple Domains
  • Relationship Manager
  • Priority Support


₹ 4900/mo

  • Everything in Basic
  • No Daily Sending Limit
  • 100,000 emails / month
    (Overages apply)
  • Dedicated IP ⭐️
  • 2500 Email Validation
  • Single Sign On
  • Sub Account Management


Custom Pricing

  • Everything in Business
  • Flexible Contract
    (Overages may apply)
  • Advanced Integrations
  • 5000 Email Validation
  • Tailored Onboarding
  • Personalised Support
  • Insider Analytics

Any Questions? Answered

In order to enhance customers' understanding of Mailcompose, we have curated a compilation of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) as follows:

Mailcompose stands as a frontrunner in ensuring optimal email deliverability, catering to the needs of both marketing professionals and developers alike.

At Mailcompose, we function as a cloud-based SMTP provider, functioning as a proficient email delivery engine. This empowers you to dispatch emails sans the burdensome expenses and intricacies tied to maintaining your personal email servers. Mailcompose proficiently handles the intricate aspects of email delivery, encompassing infrastructure scalability, engagement with Internet Service Providers (ISPs), vigilance over your sender reputation, and real-time analytical insights.
Upon successfully creating and verifying your complimentary Email API account, you will gain the ability to transmit 9,000 emails within the initial 30 days of your trial period. Subsequently, you can continue to send 300 emails per day following this initial phase.

After that, the response from the servers will be { "success": false, "error": "Free Limit Breached. Please upgrade the plan" }
The number of emails are calculated based on the number of recipients that are present in your email. Number of recipients are the sum of email addresses present in to, cc, bcc fields.
If you surpass the email quota specified in your plan during a billing cycle, you will incur a minor overage fee for each additional email sent. These overage charges will be amalgamated into your invoice for the subsequent billing period.

See overages charges here
Absolutely! Our dedicated Onboarding Team are ready to guide you through the complete setup process, ensuring your account is primed for success. Moreover, our proficient Delivery Consultants are available to collaborate with you in assessing your complete email strategy. They can provide a comprehensive evaluation, pinpointing potential areas for enhancement, such as proper Domain configuration or diagnosing any email deliverability challenges you may be encountering.

Fill the contact us form, and we will be speaking in less than 2 hours!